Land Development

Sourcing, Due Diligence and Acquisition

Investors looking to secure prime farmland to develop or hold can use Broad Gate expertise locate ideal parcels, perform necessary due diligence, negotiate the lease or sale terms with the owner, execute the transaction, and register title with local, regional and federal authorities. Together with this service Broad Gate can put the land into a growing program if sufficient resources are available.    

Development and Custom Growing Programs

Producers looking to establish a foothold in the region can partner with Broad Gate to execute a custom growing program.  In such an arrangement Broad Gate can provide one or all of the following services:

-  seed sourcing according to end users preference

-  seed registration and customs clearance

-  internal transport and storage

-  production contracting with qualified corporate farms

-  production monitoring

-  agronomic support, day-to-day management of the program

-  harvesting and export logistics

Asset Evaluation

Though a partnership with Farmers Edge (link farmersedge.ca), Broad Gate offers companies and investors entering Eastern Europe a complete array of farm assessment capabilities relating to:

Soil properties - Climate conditions - Cropping Options - Yield Potential - Crop Input Needs

Best Management Practices - Equipment Needs - Technology Integration - Storage and Infrastructure - Logistics Issues - Production Risks

Our assessments take an in depth look at the production capabilities of the land including review of satellite imagery, soil testing and analysis, and historical weather data. Detailed efficiency plans can be provided including what crops to grow with expected yields and profitability based on suggested crop input applications. An overview of equipment requirements including implements, grain handling and storage can also be performed.