Grain Origination

In some countries of Eastern Europe the average size of a corporate farm is between 5-25 thousand hectares.  This is quite large relative to typical Western European farms so you can imagine what a group of them are capable of producing.  Broad Gate has relationships with many of these producers.  We expose them to new opportunities in the markets of Europe, Asia and Middle East every day and help them grow their products consistent with our strategy.  In doing this we have become a reliable source of grains for consumption and processing, for feeding livestock and for producing renewable fuel.

Healthy “High Oleic” Oils

Broad Gate produces a class of cooking oils called “high oleics” that are considered “heart healthy” because they are lower in saturated fats than other types of oils.  Our main product line are the Omega-9 canola and sunflower oils (www.omega-9oils.com) developed by Dow Agro Sciences.  These oils have performance characteristics, a clean taste and a healthy profile that make them a proven “drop in” solution for food manufactures looking to make a switch.  More and more European food companies are looking to increase the use of high oleic oils in their food processing operations to satisfy demand from consumers for healthier products.   With our processing and refining connections and direct-from-the-farm sourcing, Broad Gate is one of Europe’s major suppliers of these oils for Europe’s commercial food and industrial customers.