Operator Services

Crop Input Distribution

Dedicated to supporting farmer profitability, Broad Gate agronomists use their field expertise to understand the objectives of our producers and the requirements specific to their local operation.  We look at soil type, tillage techniques, weather conditions, budget needs and operations practices, and then recommend the products that best meet their specific yield goals.  We then develop a program that brings the latest seeds, crop protection products, and fertilizers on site and ensures their correct and timely application.


For the last five years Broad Gate has tested and distributed rapeseed and sunflower high oleic hybrid seeds as part of our commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of our customers.  The seeds we sell usually combine two characteristics: a high oleic (oil) content and a specialized ability to withstand the application of herbicides to control weeds.  The seeds are bred, not genetically modified, and compliance with this standard is tightly controlled.  The most widely demanded seeds in our distribution line include varieties from Dow Agro Sciences (link to DAS catalogue):

Protection Products and Fertilizers

Broad Gate’s subsidiary “ADVAG” (www.advag.com) serves as a distributor in the CIS for leading crop protection manufacturers, such as BASF.  In this role we work to offer the local expertise farmers need to determine precisely what needs to be done in their fields to control weeds and pests and when it needs to happen.  We also leverage relationships with large global producers to maintain a stable fertilizer supply across tens of thousands of acres in EE and CIS.  Our agronomists follow scientific principles in performing this service to make sure the farms are applying the right product, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place.  

Traceability and Identity Preservation

Being a “healthy grain” producer in the supply chain requires strict control over production economics (yields and agronomics) and preservation of the healthy traits (the “identity”) of the product.  Broad Gate works in close cooperation with its farmers to control what seed goes into the soil, how the plants develop, how they are harvested, in then how they move through the rest of the value chain: from storage to processing to delivery through trusted third-party terminals. Our partners are trained to follow certain guidelines and reserve specially designated areas of their facilities to prevent spoilage, contamination or unauthorized mixture. 

Production Management

Farms seeking to manage their land better, streamline their operations, and improve their productive capacity can use of Broad Gate services for:

  • Evaluation and monitoring of crops
  • Tracking operations by the field, including soil test information, seeding, fertilizer application and spraying
  • Identifying short and long term yield issues due to poor management or land limitations
  • Yield forecasting to assist in-season crop management decisions
  • Weather monitoring to forecast crop disease
  • Collection, storage and management of data